Describe A Time When You Lost Your Way IELTS CUE CARD

Describe A Time When You Lost Your Way IELTS CUE CARD

Describe A Time When You Lost Your Way IELTS CUE CARD


Describe A Time When You Lost Your

You Should Say:

When and where did it happen?
How did you feel when you were lost?
How did you find your way out?

Sample Answer 1


Well, finding directions has become easy these days due to the introduction of Google Maps. Although I have lost my way several times throughout my life, But here I would like to highlight one instance when I lost my way badly.

It happened last month. Actually, one of my PALS had an accident and was unable to attend school, therefore he missed a number of important lectures. He requested to assist him by visiting his place, as the exams were around the corner. I couldn’t deny him as he is my bosom friend as well as he always helps me in my difficult times.

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I agreed and noted down his address on my mobile. In the morning, I took his village bus to visit him, but in a hurry, I forgot to take my mobile, which I used to note down his address. I asked the people who were nearby, but no one knew him.

At first, I got confused, but then suddenly I remembered that his father operates a private school. Then I inquired about nearby schools. Luckily, in the village, there was only one private school. So, I went there, met his father, and explained everything to him. Finally, I reached his home after two hours of struggle.


. All in all, I would say this was the first time I lost my path and found it without using Google Maps.

Describe A Time When You Lost Your Way IELTS CUE CARD

Sample Answer 2


Well, frankly speaking, I am not good at remembering the ways. The problem becomes even worse when I am going to some place for the very first time.

It happened with me recently when I had to go to my uncle’s home. Last month, my father had to go to Delhi for attending a business meeting. Before that, he had to handover a file of important papers to his business partner Sharma uncle. As my father was running short of time, he assigned me the duty of giving the file to Sharma uncle at his residence.

I felt myself in hot waters when I was told by my father that Sharma’s uncle had recently moved his home. My father left home after telling me the new address. I went on my two-wheeler. I set the location on google map and moved accordingly. For the first few minutes, all went well, however, to my utter dismay, the phone started showing network error after some time. I was totally confused about what to do. I tried making a call to Sharma uncle but his phone was switched off.

Then I tried calling my mother so as to enquire about the way but even she didn’t pick the call as she was taking her class in the school. This was the area with which I was not at all familiar as I had visited it for the first time in my life. I was utterly bewildered. Moreover, it was a lonesome area where there were not many people around. The ones I could see, I was doubtful about trusting them.

I thought of keeping on moving so that I could reach a place where I was able to ask for the way. Then my phone started ringing. I was relieved on checking it as it was Sharma uncle’s number. I picked it up. Uncle apologized to me saying that his mobile phone had been switched off. He judged from my voice that I was confused due to my inability of finding his home. Then he asked me about my location and guided me thoroughly.


Finally, I reached my destination and heaved a sigh of relief and promised myself to overcome this problem of nervousness about the new paths.

Describe A Time When You Lost Your Way IELTS CUE CARD

Follow up

Q1. How do people feel when they get lost?

Answer – Well, it varies from person to person. If the person is well versed with technology, then he can easily find his way with the help of navigation system, however, on the other hand it becomes a daunting task for the one who doesn’t know how to use google maps. He has to rely on the people around and in case it is a deserted area, the person is utterly bewildered on getting lost.

Q2. Are some people better at orienting themselves?

Answer – There is no denying the fact that some people are really skilful at orienting themselves, they never forget the way from where they once pass. It is a great virtue to have.

Q3. Are young people more reliant on their phones than older people to find their way?

Answer – Yes, they are. The youngsters depend on the mobile phones to find the directions as well as the locations whereas the veterans have a good knowledge of various places. They mainly depend on their knowledge instead of taking the assistance of google maps etc.

Q4. Are young people gradually losing their ability to orient themselves?

Answer – It is the sorry state of affairs that the youth is forgetting multiple skills, let alone the ability of orientation due to their dependence on the technological gadgets. They don’t feel the necessity of remembering the ways as the availability of mobile phones is a great assurance for them.

Q5. With mobile phones and these electronic products with navigation, is it difficult for people to get lost?

Answer – It entirely depends on the situation. For the youngsters, who are proficient at the use of technology, it is merely a child’s play to set the location on the device and reach the destination, but old generation owing to their inability to make use of technology, do not draw any benefit.

Q6. What kind of problems do old people have when they get lost?

Answer – As I’ve mentioned earlier, old people don’t use the technology much. But they can easily communicate with the people where they have got lost and locate their way. So, I don’t feel it is as much problematic as it seems.


  1. Pal – Friend, Companion

2. Assist -Help, Aid

3. Bosom Friend – Best friend

4. In hot waters – In trouble

5. Dismay – Concern caused by something unexpected

6. Bewildered – Confused

7. Lonesome – Lonely

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