Describe a sports program you like to watch IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a sports program you like to watch IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a sports program you like to watch IELTS CUE CARD


Describe a sports program you like to watch

You Should Say:

What is it?

Who do you watch it with?

When do you watch it?

Why do you like to watch it?

Sample Answer 1


I have always been very active in playing different sports, and watching sports programmes is something that I love to watch in my spare time. There are various sports programmes that I watch, but one of them is my favourite.

What is it?

The name of the show is Cricket Dugout. This is the show that I never miss watching, No matter how busy it gets. IPL Dugout covers all the cricket matches and updates us with the latest news from the cricketing world. Retired cricketers like Harbhajan Singh, Virender Sehwag, and more come on the show And discuss the different plans and strategies.

Who do you watch it with?

I watch this show with my mother. Just like me, She is also a huge fan of this beautiful game called Cricket. I love watching this show along with her because, during the show, we exchange our thoughts regarding the game and players. Moreover, It gives us an opportunity to spend quality time with each other.

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When do you watch it?

The cricket dugout show is a pre- and post-match show; this is why it broadcasts twice a day. The pre-match show timing is 8.30 a.m., whereas the post-match show timing is or airs at 9 p.m. So, Me and my mother both watch this show in the morning and at night too. We have our breakfast and dinner meals while watching this show.

Why do you like to watch it?

Moving further, There are multifarious reasons why I love to watch Cricket from the dugout. To kick off, Cricket experts come, share their opinions about all the players, and highlight their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, through this show, cricket lovers like me get to know about the success stories of emerging players. This show covers their cricketing journey, like how they overcome obstacles. I find their life journey inspiring and it fills me with tremendous motivation and discipline. So, this is the show that I love to watch.

Describe a sports program you like to watch IELTS CUE CARD

Sample Answer 2


Well, watching sports programs is one of my favourite PASTIME activities. Although there are a PLETHORA OF programs available on television and the internet as well. But here, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about a particular sports program that enjoy watching.

The program’s title is “Today’s Analysis.” This show is AIRED on the news channe; “New Nation.” This show is about post-game commentary. This program analyzes several sports such as cricket, basketball, and football. When it comes to watch it, it RELIES on my location. if i am at home then i prefer to watch it with my younger brother as he has WEALTH of knowledge about sports. On the other hand if i am outside then i love to watch it with my PALS as we are keen interested to watch it.

If I talk about the time, we watch it in the evening with a cup of tea and snacks, as this show is telecasted every day at 7 p.m. We love to watch it for a VARIETY OF reasons. The prominent one is that it keeps us updated. We are all busy with our HECTIC schedules, so we don’t have time to watch the complete match live or TAPED, but this show tells the ENTIRE match in half an hour. Moreover, this show gives me a chance to spend time with my NEAR AND DEAR ONES. Furthermore, this show teaches a RANGE OF match playing STRATEGIES and tricks, which improves our performance.

Apart from that, it helps in earning money by REVEALING each player’s strengths and weaknesses, which we UTILIZE to place on Dream 11. Lastly, I would say this is the show enjoy watching.

Describe a sports program you like to watch IELTS CUE CARD

Follow ups

Question 1- What sports are popular in India?

Answer – These days, the demand for sports has become vital for children. The most notable reason is that these days people consume a lot of fast food as well as live a sedentary lifestyle; they do not do any type of exercise, which is causing the problem of obesity, so sports is required to help the children stay in shape. Apart from this, sports is needed for children to relax and to reduce stress because, these days, there is too much academic pressure due to high competition.

Question 2- Why do children need sports?

Answer– I believe sports are useful for children’s physical and mental health. Moreover, these are far more important for Juveniles due to their sedentary lifestyle and increased consumption of junk food. Children can also develop cooperation and leadership quality by playing sports.

Question 3- How can parents develop an interest in sports among children?

Answer – Parents can develop an interest in sports among their children in various ways. Firstly, they should involve themselves in sports and organize a weekend sports competition to encourage their interest in them. More over, they should increase the children’s knowledge about playing sports by explaining the benefits, and they should be strict with them so they will not play with electronic gadgets.

Question 4- What are the benefits of exercise?

There are various benefits to exercising. First, it keeps the body fit mentally as well as physically. Moreover, this also helps in the reduction of stress, boosts mood, and improves cognitive cells. Moreover, regular exercise keeps the person calm, active, and productive. Further, it opens the door for people to make it their profession

Question 5- What is the difference between watching sports on TV and watching it live?

Answer: -Watching sports on TV is entirely different from watching them live. If I talk about watching sports on TV, it is recorded as well as replayed many times. Moreover, one cannot enjoy the atmosphere. On the other hand, watching this live provides a different type of charm to the public; they can interact with their celebrities as well as get a chance to meet with a crowd. Moreover, it helps people enjoy every moment without stopping.

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