Describe a rule that is important in your school or at work IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a rule that is important in your school or at work IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a rule that is important in your school or at work IELTS CUE CARD


Describe a rule that is important in your school or at work

You should say:

What the rule is about

What happens when people break the rule

Why you think it is an important rule

And explain how you feel about the rule

Sample Answer 1

Well rules and regulations are a part of society and helps maintaining law and order but here, i would like to talk about a crucial rule at my school. In my school, there is a particularly important rule regarding discipline and punctuality that all students are required to adhere to. This rule pertains to the strict enforcement of arriving on time for classes and other school-related activities.

This rule is enforced through a combination of methods. Firstly, there is a morning assembly where all students gather at a designated time to start the day with the national anthem and announcements. Punctuality is strictly monitored during this assembly, and any student arriving late is subject to disciplinary action, such as detention or extra assignments. Additionally, teachers take attendance at the beginning of each class, and habitual latecomers are reported to the school administration.

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The school also maintains a record of attendance, and excessive tardiness can lead to parental involvement and counseling. The importance of this rule in my school cannot be overstated. It instills a sense of responsibility and time management in students from a young age. Being punctual is a valuable life skill, and schools play a crucial role in imparting this lesson.

It also ensures that students do not miss out on important instructions or educational content due to late arrivals. Furthermore, this rule benefits students by promoting discipline and orderliness in the school environment. Punctuality helps maintain a structured schedule, allowing teachers to cover the curriculum effectively and ensuring that students make the most of their learning opportunities. In my view, the rule on punctuality is not just about following a strict schedule; it’s about cultivating essential life skills.

Being punctual not only demonstrates respect for others’ time but also sets a foundation for success in the future, whether in academics, careers, or personal life. Therefore, I believe this rule is crucial in fostering discipline and punctuality among students and preparing them for a successful and responsible adulthood.

Describe a rule that is important in your school or at work IELTS CUE CARD

Sample Answer 2

Well, following rules plays an imperative role in order to maintain peace and order in society as well as in the nation. Although I have followed a number of rules throughout my school time, like discipline, charity, wearing a uniform, and many more, But here, I would like to talk about a specific rule that is really important in my school.

This rule is none other than punctuality. This rule states that all the activities should be done within the time frame, and arrival and departure should be at the prescribed time by the management. This guideline applies to everyone, whether they are students, teachers, or school administration. When it comes to the punishment for breaking this guideline, it varies from person to person. If pupils violate any rules, they are punished by giving extra assignments as well as by cleaning the school rooms, or sometimes they are charged RS 100 as a fine.

On the other hand, if teachers break the rule, then their half salary for one day is deducted, or sometimes they are given extra classes to conduct even on Sunday. As per my perception, it is an important rule for several reasons. The prominent one is that it maintains discipline as well as teaches the importance of time to the people. Another one is that it also motivates people to do work within the given time so they can become more successful in their lives

When it comes to the question of how I feel about this rule, to be honest, at first I really found it so annoying as well as hated it, but now I really feel blessed to have such a rule in my school because it has made my life so easy as well as made me disciplined. Because of this restriction in my school, I get up early and complete my work on time. All in all, this is the rule that is really crucial in school as it teaches various skills such as discipline, respect, trust and responsibility.

Describe a rule that is important in your school or at work IELTS CUE CARD

Follow up

1. Should schools have rules?

Answer – Without a doubt, schools should have regulations since school is the first place where students begin learning and they follow the same norms throughout their life. Furthermore, school is the area where pupils learn the difference between what is right and wrong. It also teaches time management, discipline, respect, and responsibility, among other things.

2. Should schools decide how long the working hours should be?Answer – Yes, schools should decide how long the working hours should be since they are familiar with the kids’ curriculum, they understand how much education pupils require, and they also understand the importance of other extracurricular activities that help them progress in every sector.

3. What kinds of rules do Indian families have?

Answer – In Indian families, the most common rules are respecting elders, have meals together and have celebrations together. Also, rules vary from generation to generation. If I talk about the rules for children, they are not allowed to take decisions on their own, as well as their main motive is to study, they are not allowed to go outside late at night. On the other hand, youngsters are not allowed to do late-night parties, and they are also involved in household chores.

4. Do you think strict rules are needed in schools?

Answer – Yes, schools should have strict standards because if they are not strict then no one will obey the rules. Schools design the rules for the benefit of children, so they must be strict if they want to implement the rules seriously.

5. Should students be involved in rule making?

Answer – Yes, school students should be involved in decision -making because they are more familiar with their problems as well as their nature, so they can advise more important rules. In this way, they will feel more responsible as well as their will less break the rules. No, school should involve students in rules making because they are not mature enough to take decisions on their own, and they do not know about the importance of rules, so they will suggest only the rules that are beneficial for them and allow them to do the things that they want to do.

6. What rules should children follow at home in your country?

Answer – In my nation, children mainly follow some common rules at home, like doing your homework by themselves, respecting their elders, helping their parents in the household chores, and doing personal activities by their own, such as making the bed, keeping their shoes in their proper place. Moreover, they also need to take permission from their elders to do any activity place. Moreover, they also need to take permission from their elders to do any activity.

7. On what occasions can children be forgiven if they don’t follow some rules?

Answer – Children should be forgiven if there is special occasion like birthdays, festivals and any other celebration. Moreover, they should also be forgiven if they did something wrong unintentionally as well as they have valid reason or positive intention for breaking the rule.

8. What rules should people follow when using public transport?

Answer – While using public transport, people should consider different rules to follow first, and the most important is that they should not talk in loud noise because it will disturb others. The second is that they need to maintain cleanliness everywhere, as they should not throw the wrappers in public transportation. They should also follow the rules, like don’t keep their organs out of the window, and don’t stand in the door of the bus.

9. What kinds of rules do people need to follow in public places?

Answer – In public places, people should follow several rules first, and the most important is that they should not smoke in non-smoking areas because it will affect the health of the people around them. They should also not throw garbage nearby, as it will spread waste more. People should also maintain a peaceful environment so everyone can do their work with concentration.

10. What are the reasons that cause people to preak rules?

Answer – There are several reasons for breaking the rules. Some people break the rules because of their negligence and ignorance, as well as because they believe that they are not under the supervision of anyone. Moreover, some people break rules in some emergency situations, like whenever someone is in danger, they pull the chain; others, like ambulances, break the rules of traffic when they need to pass an emergency.

11. When people break rules,how would they be punished in your country?

Answer – When people break rules, they are punished according to the level of their crime. If I talk about the robbery as well as some minor crimes, then firstly they are given warning, and if they do not follow that, then legal action is taken. But on the other hand, if the crime is really big, like murder as well as harassing, then they are directly put into jail, and the court decides their punishment.

Describe a rule that is important in your school or at work IELTS CUE CARD

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