Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in

Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in

Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in


Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in

You should say

Where it is?
How did you know it?
How often you go there?
What you do there?
And explain why you like the place?

Sample Answer

In this day and age it’s quite difficult to find a truly peaceful place in urban areas. People have to move from the hustle and bustle of the cities to small towns or villages in order to look for such places. As for me i found tranquility in the place nearby.

It’s countryside, birthplace of my grandfather. A small river that is in the walking distance of this village. I oftenly visit this village especially on every weekend. Going there gives me immense relaxation, happiness.

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Whenever i go there i never forget to visit the river. I like to do plenty of activities there. As the flow of the river is shallow and sow, people easily can swim or play other games in the water. I really enjoy swimming. Moreover lush green fields seem to entertain me. I see people doing work in the farms. I get an opportunity to enjoy an inexplicable taste of fresh vegetables like carrot, radish, turnip, tomato. Also i chew sugarcane there. I relish almost everything there and i capture al these lovely moments in my smartphone.

In response to the questions why i am fascinated by this fabulous place, firstly because it’s amazingly peaceful or soothing. The fee of the cool air, the sound of water flowing by, and the chirping of birds make this pace truly alive and refreshing. And most importantly it’s away from the hectic or competitive life of cities, I feel fresh, charged, ecstatic, joyous and energized after going there.

Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in

Follow ups

1. Is it hard to find quiet places in cities?

ANSWER – Yes, it’s very hard to find quiet places in cities nowadays because of increasing urbanization and cars on the street. Almost, all places as wells as cities are totally crowded that is a reason people go on vocations. Unfortunately, tourist spots are also overfilled with visitors.

2. Why is it quieter in the countryside?

ANSWER – The main reason is the lack of traffic and industries in cities. Moreover, there is a lot of greenery which absorb noise rather than hearing to anyone.

3. Why do people go to quiet places?

ANSWER – I think several reasons behind it. Firstly, people want to focus on their work completely and properly. Secondly, in noisy areas their mind is distracted from their work so that’s why they find to go on quiet place.

4. Compared with young people, do old people prefer to live in quiet places?

ANSWER – I think both prefer more. Old people want to get relaxation in their old age. So, they not like any type of noise all around them because in that age their heart is less capable to hear loud noise as compared to the young people.

5. Why do some people not like quiet places?

ANSWER – Many individuals don’t like any type of peace and calm because they want to enjoy every moment with fun and frolic. That’s why they want lots of different activities and noise all around them.

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