Describe A Person Who Thinks Music Is Important And Enjoys Music IELTS CUE CARD

Describe A Person Who Thinks Music Is Important And Enjoys Music IELTS CUE CARD

Describe A Person Who Thinks Music Is Important And Enjoys Music IELTS CUE CARD


Describe A Person Who Thinks Music Is Important And Enjoys Music IELTS CUE CARD

You Should Say:

Who this person is?

How you knew him or her?

What music he/she likes?

Why he or she thinks music is important?

And explain how you feel about him or her?

Sample Answer

Undoubtedly, Music plays an indispensable role in everyone’s life. I am familiar with numerous individuals who are great admirers of music. However today I would like to talk about a person who opines music is highly important in life and has a huge fascination with music. This person is none other than my bosom friend, namely, Manpreet. We have been close friends since our childhood.

we are born and brought up in the same locality. He lives a stone’s throw away from my house. I have observed his passion for music since childhood. He is blessed with a melodious voice. Additionally he is excellent at playing a number instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, flute and tabla. Honestly i am hugely impressed by his abilities of singing and playing various musical instruments.


Currently he is doing a job as a music teacher in one of the renowned schools of our area. Since he is a talented/brilliant musician, he is leaving no stone unturned in making his students expert at playing different musical devices. Moving ahead Manpreet has a great fondness for a wide variety of music like, pop, hip hop, rock, rhythms and blues, soul, folk, jazz, classical, new age and many more. He similarly enjoys every kind of music. Explaining further, According to Manpreet music is vitally important as it offers countless benefits. Firstly, it acts as a stress buster activity.

It helps us unwind and feel cheerful. Secondly it’s a remarkable way to express our feelings. Moreover she believes that music increases one’s concentration, memory and creativity. Finally she says, As music is food for the soul, it has a power to uplift us spiritually. Nextly, as for how I feel about him. I have the greatest admiration for him due to his unwavering love for music. Since he has a profound knowledge of music, I have learnt a lot from him regarding music. Whenever I feel stressed, I visit him in order to listen to a song in his sweet voice which gives me immense relaxation. Finally I must say, i am truly fortunate to have Manpreet as my best friend in my life.

Describe A Person Who Thinks Music Is Important And Enjoys Music IELTS CUE CARD

Follow up

Q1. What do you think about playing music for children in class?

Answer – In my opinion, playing music for children in class can be very beneficial, as it helps them learn in an interactive as well as funny way. For example, if we play music like rhymes and poems in the nursery class, then they learn the music as well as the lyrics from the rhymes easily without being told that they have to learn, but they learn every tone and every word as well as the proper rhyme of the poems.

Q2. Why do many teachers incorporate music into the classroom?

Answer – Many teachers incorporate music into the classroom because they are well aware of the importance of music and they know the effect of music on the mindset of the children. They know that playing music in the classroom can improve the concentration of children on their studies, as these days children have become more technosavy, so they do not want anything in theoretical way so they can remember the things for a long period of time after reading and listening to a visual idea in the form of animation movies or pictures.

Q3. Do you think there are any advantages to a shop with music playing?

Answer – Yes, there are a number of advantages to a shop while music is playing. These days, every place is crowded, so the location of the shop is usually in the hustle and bustle of the city, where there is a lot of noise pollution as well as the number of horns, the sound of beeps, and traffic congestion. But playing music in a shop can block the unnecessary sounds, which will provide the shopkeeper as well as the customers with a great environment in order to focus on the products.

Q4. Would people’s shopping behavior be affected in a shop with music?

Answer – Yes, definitely, people’s shopping behavior would be affected in a shop with music in both positive and negative ways. If I talk about the positive sides, If the music has a low voice and is soothing, then people will love it more and would like to spend more time in a shop. By telling them about their preferences, it will also uplift their mood. On the negative side, if the pitch of the music is loud, it would be very difficult for the customers to understand the desires and requirements of the shopkeeper, which would specifically affect their shopping behavior.

Q5. What do you think would be the effect of background music in a film?

Answer – The effect of background music in a film can improve the experience of the viewers as background music helps to add the emotions and suspense in a movie by adding the effects. For example, if two people are talking and the conversation is boring, no one will take interest in it, but if the filmmakers add background music to the movie, then listening to the sounds will be more beautiful and they will also feel excited in order to listen to the next part.

Q6. Why are musical movies so popular?

Answer – Musical movies are so popular because the movie is a story about a person or a life lesson that people enjoy. Musical movies are quite popular because the songs and music that are added to the background of the scenes make them more appealing, as well as entertain the viewers.


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