Describe a Person who Likes to Grow Plants IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Person who Likes to Grow Plants IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Person who Likes to Grow Plants IELTS Cue Card


Describe a Person who Likes to Grow Plants

You should say:

Who the person is?
How do you know the person?
What types of plants does he/she grow? 
Why does he/she grow plants?

Sample Answer

Well, I am familiar with plenty of people who are really into gardening and some of them made it even their profession. But here i am interested to talk about a person who has a green thumb, that person is none other than my friend, namely Jackson.

He is my childhood friend. We are born and bred in the same locality. He lives just stone’s throw away from my house. So we frequently visit each other’s house for different purposes. His father works for the well-being of flora and fauna. Jackson, too, has a great fascination with plants. He is hugely fond of gardening since his childhood. He has a massive garden at thee background of his house where he has grown distinct kinds of plants like shrubs, herbs, trees, climbers and creepers.

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a person grow plants

As he is supporter of organic farming, he never prefers to use insecticides and pesticides to boost the growth of plants. Not simple that, but also he motivate others to do organic farming. Honestly speaking i am really impressed by his profound knowledge of different plants and how to nurture them.

That’s why whenever i get to spend some time him try to increase my knowledge regarding gardening. Explaining further, he likes growing plants for some reasons. First and foremost reason is that he knows very well that we can take care of our environment as well as our health by planting more and more trees. Moreover he reckon that if we spend some part of the day growing plants and taking care of them, you feel highly close to nature and also it acts as a stress buster activity.

Apart from this he is looking forward to making career in horticulture field, therefore he loves growing plants. So my bosom friend is the person who is in the habit of growing plants.

Follow ups

1. What plants do people like to grow in their homes?

ANSWER – Well, there are ample plants that individuals of my nation prefer to grow in their abodes. The most common plants are flowers like rose, sunflower and shadow trees like Neem. Apart from this, people love to grow organic vegetable plants in their homes.

2. Do people in India like to gift plants?

ANSWER – Well, in this contemporary epoch this vogue is proliferating because individuals are becoming award about the benefits of planting trees, whereas in yester years, not was prefer to give plants as a gift. Individuals used to give sweets on special occasion. But, This trend is changing now.

3. Is growing plants good for environment?

ANSWER – Of course, plants play crucial role in eco-system. Even, growing plants has become a need of an hour in the modernization era. Because plants help to maintain the balance on the planet as it absorbs carbon dioxide and clean the environment.

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