Describe a street market in your city IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a street market in your city IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a street market in your city IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a street market in your city IELTS CUE CARD


Describe a street market in your city

You Should Say:

Where it is?

How often you go there?

What you can buy there ?

What it is famous for How you feel about it?

Sample Answer 1

Well shopping is one of the favorite activities of people. Nevertheless majority of population go for online shopping, street markets still carry huge value people love to visit. Here I would prefer to talk about a renowned street market of my city namely, SD, It is centrally located and large enough. it’s always so crowded with people.

You can always experience the hustle and of the market. I have frequent visits to this market but nowadays due to this scary time I visit it once in a blue moon. As for what we can purchase there, a variety of shops to be shopped at, such as, shops of garments, jewelry, footwears, books, cosmetics, electronics, food, watches, sunglasses, toys, or whatnot.

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This market is mainly well known for garments. Not only clothes but also every item we can get of high quality or at reasonable prices. Another thing which acts as an icing on the cake is the we receive attractive discounts on some of the items. We can easily access to everything we want at this market. Moreover it offers parking facility to the visitors.

Talking about food outlets, inexplicable tastes of different foods items we can enjoy here, what’s more it’s prepared hygienicall. In response to the question how I feel about it. I have purchased countless things from here. I must say, I always have a beautiful, pleasant shopping experience.

Sample Answer 2

Well, there are plethora of street markets in my town like that of clothes, utensils, ornaments but the one I am going to talk about is street side book market that must be on the bucket list of every book lover. It is arranged at the outskirts of the city every sunday only. Bibliophiles will be delighted by this hustling book market, where thousands of new and second hand books across all genres such as comedy, horror, crime educational etc are piled up for sale at super cheap prices.

Moreover, there are few bookshops in the area where one can find a good selection of children’s books, graphic novels and fashion magazines. Infact, thousands of books are lined up beautifully along the pavements and at the road side stalls. However, one must try going early in the morning because all the good books are gone by the afternoon. Besides, one can get some fabulous coffee table books at throw away prices. Furthermore, a lot of college text books and even stationary are being sold in this flea market. Since those roadside vendors are eager to make a sale, a customer way be able to haggle the price down.

Also, its worth mentioning that if a person browse carefully through the piles of books, one can get uncommon classic novels and even first editions in surprisingly good condition. Actually, I too have grabbed many of these novels. Unique feature of this market is that one can not only buy books, but also can sell any unused books, textbooks and novels at lower book value.

I have paid many visits to this moving sale and have always found street shopping for books engaging, although sometimes it involves digging through end case piles of unreadable tripe (useless item or rubbish) to unearth (find out) something fun and useful. In addition, I have sold number of my old books there. Further, my shopping experience is always enriched with lip smacking delicacies offer at local restaurants in that area. Overall, I would say that for book lovers like me this street market is quite captivating where they can pick up their favourite reads.

Describe a street market in your city IELTS CUE CARD

Follow up

Question 1. Do you like shopping online or going out for shopping?

Answer – Well I prefer both, because both have their own merits. Plenty of times I have taken experience of online shopping in my life and it was wonderful. And if I talk about going out for shopping with friends or family it’s really entertaining or amazing activity.

Question 2. What’s the difference between shopping with friends or shopping alone?

Answer – Shopping with friends gives more fun and they can give me suggestions when choosing any particular product. They can tell me what is in vogue. But Shopping alone is a little boring activity causes no one is with me to converse and help me with shopping.

Question 3. Why do people like to buy branded products?

Answer – People love to purchase branded goods Firstly because of their high quality or comfort ability. Secondly in this day and age branded products are considered as a status symbol.

Question 4. What are the disadvantages of shopping in a big mall?

Answer – First and foremost drawback is excessive crowding, especially on weekends. It makes very difficult for you to shop. Moreover products in shopping malls can be more pricey than other shops in your area. Besides sometimes people don’t get parking facility.

Question 5. In your opinion are big discounts real or just advertisement?

Answer – According to my perspective attractive discounts are sometimes real, especially on festivals. But in other cases They are just the way to tempt the people to purchase a particular product.




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