Describe a person who is good at making people feel welcome in his/her home IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a person who is good at making people feel welcome in his/her home IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a person who is good at making people feel welcome in his/her home IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a person who is good at making people feel welcome in his/her home IELTS CUE CARD


Describe a person who is good at making people feel welcome in his/her home

You Should Say:

Who this person is?

How you knew him/her?

How he/she makes you feel welcome?

And explain how you feel about this person?

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Sample Answer

Even though I know several individuals who are very good host, but here i would love to talk about Rahul, a close friend of mine, is someone who excels at making people feel genuinely welcome in his home. I got to know Rahul through mutual friends during our school days, and our friendship blossomed over shared interests and experiences. What sets Rahul apart is his innate ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

He goes above and beyond to ensure everyone feels comfortable and valued in his home. Upon entering, guests are greeted with a heartfelt smile, and Rahul’s hospitality extends to providing refreshments and engaging in genuine conversations. Besides this, he pays attention to small details, such as personalized touches in the décor and creating a cozy ambiance, making guests feel right at home.


Rahul’s welcoming nature has always left a lasting impression on me. He effortlessly turns his home into a haven where laughter echoes, and friendships deepen. His generosity and kindness extend beyond the physical space, making everyone feel like an integral part of his extended family. All in all, Rahul is not just a friend; he is a beacon of hospitality.

His ability to make people feel welcome is a testament to his warm heart and genuine nature. I am truly fortunate to have someone like Rahul in my life, as his welcoming spirit has not only enriched our friendship but also created lasting memories of shared moments in his inviting home.

Follow Up

Q1. Do people in your country often invite others to their homes? Why?

Answer– Yes, in my nation, people are really into inviting others to their homes, as it is a sign of showing hospitality. Moreover, some people invite others in order to celebrate their victory with them, as it also helps to build strong relationships and add fun to the event.

Q2. What do you think of serving food to visitors?

Answer – I think serving food to visitors is highly regarded and a great sign of showing hospitality. By serving food, we can engage with them in a number of conversations and share the music with others, which helps to strengthen the relationship between different types of religions as well as food cultures.

Q3. What kind of people do you think are more likely to invite others to their homes?

Answer – I think people who are social butterflies as well as extroverts who love to interact with various personalities are more likely to invite others to their homes. By doing this, they can spend quality time with them as well as help organize some special events. Moreover, people who love to work in teams prefer to invite others to their place.

Q4. Who are more likely to invite others to their homes, people in the countryside or people in the city?

Answer – As per my perception, both rural and urban people love to invite people, but a difference can be seen in their motives. When it comes to people living in rural areas, they invite people because they think in this way they can get to know one another better, while in urban areas, residents have a motive to organize meetings as well as complete professional work.

Q5. Are tourist attractions in the countryside more popular than those in the cities?

Answer – Yes, I think so, because tourist attractions in rural areas provide a more pleasing environment surrounded by greenery and less pollution for tourists, along with tourist attractions where people can relax more as compared to the cities.

Q6. What facilities are there in the tourist attractions in your country?

Answer – In my country, tourist attractions offer a number of services. The first and foremost is a guided tour that makes people aware of every location as well as the history and importance of a particular place. Moreover, there are a variety of activities available to try, like paragliding, boating, river rafting, and many more, which people can perform as per their choice. Apart from that, they provide different cuisines, a comfortable place to live, and easy access to transportation.


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